Ancor for the Environment

For many years we have made active efforts to make the marine industry as low environmental impact as possible, to avoid damaging the ecosystem

70% of our company’s electrical needs is supplied by renewable solar energy, thanks to the solar panel grid installed in 2011

Used Pumps gain New Life

Thanks to the opening of our renewal department, pumps which would have been discarded are accurately disassembled and reviewed, substituting only the necessary parts to bring the pump back to its brand new condition, saving both on money for the client, and pollution for the environment

No excess waste in our single dose lubricant packets, supplying just the right amount, to avoid dispersing unnecessary material. Furthermore, we have selected only non-toxic ingredients for the marine ecosystem

We have reduced paper and ink.

We print our catalogues with a digital method, which allows us to print only the necessary copies, without wasting unsold copied when the catalogue is updated. Furthermore, our catalogue is also in digital form on our website.

Boxes and Packages are getting greener.

With the introduction of 100% recyclable cardboard boxes we chose to eliminate excessive plastic and ink in our packages, contributing to reduce the dispersion of toxic microplastics that harm the environment

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