Ancor is an internationally active company in the marine industry, more specifically in the production of mechanical and spare parts.
Engine cooling pumps, impellers and filters are just some of the products present in the vast Ancor catalogue sold worldwide by our company.

With each edition of the catalogue novel innovations expand the range of our products, all of which are designed and built in our workshop with our typical attention and care for details.
Product reliability has always been our main goal, that’s why we continuously add small and large improvements to each product, which are often suggested by our customers.

Our products on the website are periodically updated which means the compatibility between our catalogue and web shop is not always accurate. We also inform that our photos and technical drawings are merely indicative of the product, however do not heasitate to reach out for further information on any of our products.

Team Ancor

About Us

Since over 30 years, Ancor produces bilge pumps and high quality rubber impellers made in Italy. Our rigorous standards ensure a far superior durability of our product compared to the market equivalent, and our global reputation confirms our quality manufacturing and craftsmanship

We operate in the marine industry sector, mainly in engine cooling and bilge pumps, as well as high quality rubber impellers known for their reliability and durability.

We are proud of our entirely in house production made in Italy, which allows us to have strict control over every aspect of our production to ensure that the client will always receive the best possible product.